Transforming mutliple objects using transform panel

I know this is an old story, I just wanted to ask if there is a solution on the way or a workaround? I’m using the maya interaction preset, so G+value isn’t an option. Also it is not possible to transform objects to precise coordinates, like all selected to x 2,5 with this method. Parenting also isn’t an option, because it’s simpy to much steps for a production workflow, also with parenting all transformations are relative to the parent. Not what is needed.
This has been already discussed 8 years ago, so I thought maybe something had happened since. It’s a very basic feature.

Best way I know if parenting is out of options, is joining all objects to one mesh. Then you have precise control for all meshes together, like scale all 2.51 in text box (slider).

How do I join multiple empties in a mesh? :wink:

You should ditch the Maya preset stuff and use the G-Key. Precise placement can be achieved with the G-Key (EXAMPLE: GX2.5). Why wouldn’t you want to use the features of the software?

Add all your meshes to a group, move them all to an unused layer. Use a single Empty in the master render layer to dupligroup the group into the scene (SHIFT-A add group instance). Move the Empty to move all objects in the group. Switch to the group layer and move individual items to reposition them within the group. No parenting is needed.

I don’t want to ditch the maya preset, because I use maya, max, softimage, nuke, mudbox, 3d coat and others everyday, I’m switching back and forth between them and the maya scheme is used in all off them. It helps working and switching apps quickly.

Also I don’t know if I made myself clear. I don’t want to move multiple objects the same amount but, for example, to the same position along a specific axis. Like straighten out an array: all objects to x 0, while maintaining their y and z positions. G+value moves all objects the given amount in one direction, while maintaining their relative positions. That always happens if you use a master object, so this is not an option. Also I cannot enter precise coordinates with the g key, only an offset. That is not what I need.

“all objects to x 0, while maintaining their y and z position”

Select objects, Manipulate center points ON (Alt+.), set your pivot point and scale x (S-X-0)

That would be easy with Blender keys. Enable ‘manipulate center points’ option, select pivot, and scale to 0 along an axis. For example, positioning objects to active object along X: alt+comma (center points), alt+period (active pivot), S, X, 0, Enter.
There’s also align objects function (object menu -> transform -> align objects, or do a search).

I see what you mean, but I’v got the same problem here: it only works with the manipulator. If I enter scale 0 in the transform panel it doesn’t even operate on the manipulator center but scales only the last selected object to 0 along the give axis. And I would still have to position my objects to a precise coordinate.

Straightening an array was only one example. In commercial software (any!) we are used to selecting a bunch of objects and enter a value in the transform panel. 2 seconds.

You can move the cursor to pretty accurate position.

Set your pivot point to Cursor .Then do post #6 or #7.

Ok, yes. That helps actually but I still have to use the manipulator. But better than nothing.
Would be nice if there were more options to edit multiple objects simultaneously.
Thanks anyway every one.

You dont have to use manipulator (widget), that has nothing to do with selecting objects or align objects.
Download and install Advanced align tools addon, with that you can align objects Min, Max, Pivot or Center points.
And it remembers your last settings so its very fast way to align again (different) selected objects.