Transforming Orientation by edge

Are there someone know how to move a vertex following the edge?
I don’t like to use vertex slide because I want to move more than one vertex per time.
See the images:


I want the transforming orientations be like the example 2.

I saw this screencast and that worked a little, as the vertex move, they come together, so its not a solution because it arise another problem.

Thanks again.

you can select and edge then transform edge and you can move verts alogn that edge

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Then use edge slide.

I’m resuscitating this thread… I’ve been annoyed by this kind of problem more than once. I wanted to explain the complicate way but I just found something while exploring the menus. In the mesh menu (CTRL+VKEY), there is “Vertex Slide (SHIFT+VKEY)”.

I don’t know when this feature was introduced but, for me, it’s brand new. My Blender version is 2.64.9 r52225 which is 5 days old.

With your vertex selected, you press SHIFT+VKEY, select an edge, click to confirm the edge et voilà! Your vertex slides.

Sorry for absence.
My 2 years old brother’s son broke my lamborghini external hd (Where my files were).
(The external drive began to make strange sounds, and sometimes very loud).
So I lost two days recovering the files. And I did lot of other works also…

So let’s resume this thread:
Vertex Slide - you can move only one vertex at once, I’m asking for moving more than one.
Edge Transformation - If I select a edge and use scale by normal it work too, but I guess that no work for more than one. Because it gets the last one edge to move by normals, not individual ones.
Edge Slide - I think best way in this case is using edge slide, I don’t know why when I opened this thread I tried that but it didn’t work. Now thats works, So my fault.

Thanks again.

I would like to add some information.

After tweak the topology with edge slide and vertex slide, I used vertex smooth, that gave me a great topology work, so the ups and downs of the loops become almost straight.

I would like to point 4 things:
1 - You can select an edge and use push/pull, it will help too.
2 - You can select an edge or vertex and use shrink/fatten that helps to put the vertex up and down without change others values. (Thats different of transformation because sometimes you can’t constrain the direction of vertex move no matther what option you chosse like global, normal, gimbal etc…for moving in vertex direction use shrink/fatten) > I don’t know if I explained it well.
3 - The Blender Team could work on increment the vertex slide tool to move more than one vertex at once. That will solve all this.
4 - Another way to tweak your topology is select the vertex, hit S to scale (choose the angle to constrain like Z or X or Y) and 0 and ENTER. But as my model is like something twisted I can do that because it change the flow of the model and instead be helpful it turns in a nightmare.