transforms on individual faces

i have a tube and i want all the faces to extrude outward (no issue there), and then be able to take those faces and scale them all on there individual axis, not centers. is there a way to do this? heres a pic in case its confusing. basically have all of those faces look like the rounded one simeltanously.


No, not that I know of (although it MIGHT work if you extrude using the “Individual Faces” option and then use Alt+s to scale along normals…it might work here for your rather simple needs but that method is definitely far from optimal. You’d have to do some scaling after that manually, too, to regain the original height of the cylinder).

And that is a pity since I need such things very, very often…however, there are workarounds.

  1. You could use instances (Alt+d) (e.g. take your finished faces and remove all of the others…) and arrange them like your cylinder. That way it DOES work like you’d expect it. However, it is not that easy to make individual changes to the faces then, since changes appear on all objects then. You’d have to make them single users if you want to do that but then you obviously lose the ability to change all of the faces simultaneously…
    Therefore only use this method if you’re not going to make individual changes.
  2. Again, take the faces you’ve finished already and simply spin them (mesh tools -> spin with 360 degrees and as many steps as necessary to make a full cylinder).

Array modifier could work, too, but that’s basically the first method…

Hope this helps, especially since I feel your pain :wink: