Transforms Resetting

I have a weird issue with my transforms resetting… So I’m trying to animate my character; his eyes and mouth separately. For some reason it keeps playing with my transforms in weird ways. I applied all transforms, and made a simple blink action that just consisted of the eye objects shrinking on the Z axis. Went to make some other animations with the mouth, came back to the blink animation just to make sure it was okay…

Now that I came back to the blink animation, it’s making his whole body squish instead of his eyes. Also he kinda flew up into the sky like you can see in the picture?

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Animating has been nothing but headaches, I’m not even trying to make a complicated character lol

Is Blender just completely broken or what’s going on? I imported my model to Unity and the animations seem fine. Opened Blender again, half my animations are gone, and when I go to view them, they seem to blend together?

This is… All three of my animations playing at the same time when I’m only viewing the walk animation?! I have a jump animation where he goes to the side a bit and jumps, a walk, and an angry face. This is all three of those at once… I know they are separate animations, I tested them out before importing them to unity, they all worked fine. Saved, exited, opened blender up again, now this. Also, my animation for the angry face was a different animation previously lol. It’s my blinking animation, which is gone now.