Transingle ...

Hi all,

I just finished my “transingle”, I’ll try it during my next hollidays at the beach. Not sure I will go far with it but I’ll probably have some fun. Well except the veil, a new one I borrowed to my brother and the batteries I stole to a poor robot in an underground everything was made with recovered materials. So let’s hope there will be some wind otherwise I’ll have to count on the batteries or on my legs …

More seriously:

This is something I started some months ago playing with Vray and never finished it, so I decided to dedicate it to Luxrender to check deeply some functionalities like HDR lighting, DOF and distributed rendering. I’m happily surprised with the result and it’s quite fast 1h30-4h as soon as it is an outdoor scene (no bidir). Compared to some other unbiased renderers it’s quite similar for outdoor scenes.


Modelled with Blender
Rendered with last Luxrender RC3 64bits for Linux using pathtracing (metropolis + path)
Rendered on a Core 2 quad Q9550
Some images are rendered in distributed rendering with an additional core 2 duo server also running Ubuntu
DOF is calculated with Lux
As always textures are home made or grabbed over the net and mainly from
Lighted with an EXR hdr map
The published images have been reduced to about 75% of their original size

another stunning piece of work! id be pretty scared to be on that thing.

another stunning piece of work! id be pretty scared to be on that thing.

im curious on the one where you can see the whole sea, where is the dividing line between CG and photo

the compositione of the model is wonderfull, only thing that i don’t like is the sand, look’s too mucj just a plane! otherwise very very good job!! :smiley:

I love it but the wheels are too deep. It looks like it go through the sand without interacting with it. Maybe it looks like that if it stands there for days I dont know

I love this work you have done here. The vehicle would turn heads on a beach but the average person wouldn’t question if somebody actually used it to get to the beach.

OMG!!! impressive… and i’m afraid that the background itself is modeled too… :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome dude - how’d ya do the breaking surf??

The inclusion of the fire extinguisher is what does it for me. :slight_smile: Have to agree that the sand does let it down a little, particularly in the closeups. Other than that, very nice work.

the wheels in the sand really let this down.
the type of sand (looks like rocks, not sand) would not cause the wheels to sink like that.
there are some details missing such as tire tracks & if the wheels are sunken, there would be more gathering of sand around the wheel base, giving the impression that the object is in the scene, rather than sitting too low on a plane.

as usual the rendering & composition is great.

Agree with Ben, sand lets it down, the actual model and concept is great :slight_smile:

Beautiful render.

Beyond the sand, I think the material on the chairs fabric should be faded, like something that stays out in the sun for a long time. I also think you should also make the sail look scratched up to give it that aged feel so that it will match the rest of the vehicle. Right now it looks like someone added a brand new sail and chair to an old machine that has been siting in the sand for a long time.

5 stars for originality.

All crits i can think of have already been said apart from the fact that the sea doesn’t look convinsing but i wouldn’t be able to do any better so i can’t really crit it.

Just because you can’t do something in Blender doesn’t mean you can’t criticize. I am almost a complete noob, have only done two quick works, but I still know enough about the world and how it looks that I can criticize without worry.

i agree with above statements…1 option you might be able to do to make better sand is make a few particle systems and have the length extremely short and make 100,000’s of them with childern

it might work…i havnt had much experience with blender’s particle system but i bet this would be possible…

Very original idea, I like the mix of old and new equipment.

+1 to other comments about the wheel/sand integration being a bit weak.

5 stars

Awesome piece. very original. :slight_smile:
The problem with he sand I think is a low res texture. I don’t use Lux, but in BI, I would just add in a very dense cloud procedural, and set the normal to 2 or so. That would fake a higher res texture pretty well.

How on earth could you get the idea to make such an … original … model?

I like it. Good work. ;D

Thanks to all for the comments,

I’m totaly agree regarding the sand problem, I didn’t spent enough time on that project, I mainly wanted to test the Luxrenderer as it really gives great results and I just let the script convert materials without tweaking them. I should have probably play with the procedural textures Luxrender provides just like Blender does and used the noise one to reduce the blur effect due the poor sand map resolution. Well I did some changes playing with some additional sand images and the result should be better now even if not perfect.

The combination of new and old materials is intentional.

The background (water and sky) are planes with UV mapped images, the water plane is curved to get a better volume effect.

i tell you what;s the problem with the sand… the sand will break that thing! the sand is dangerous for that chain and for the mechanical parts (it contains salt) :)))