Transition between three materials on one single object in an animation


my current project is a video of 8 seconds length (200 Frames), in which the ground’s material should change twice from wood (Frame 001) to marble (frame 067) to concrete (frame 133). I’d like to make a overlaid transition every 66 frames, but have no idea how to set keyframes for this.

Can anybody think of a solution?


One material with all three node setups in them.
Keyframed shader mix1:
Upper: Wood
Lower: Marble

Keyframed shader mix2:
Upper: Shader mix1
Lower: Concrete

I don’t know if Eevee can handle this as it can choke if it gets too many nodes or too many nested levels (not sure which).

Alternative2: Stack three floors on top of each other and animate the materials alpha (opacity/presence). I don’t know if Eevee can do this.

Thank you for your quick answer. I’ll try it out. (It’s in cycles by the way.)