Transition between UV maps?


I’m designing the trees for my PC game and taking the opportunity to learn Blender 2.6 at the same time. I want my trees to be limited to single objects using a single texture. I want the tree bark texture to transition from a rough looking bark at the trunk of the tree to a smoother bark at the top of the tree. I have a texture containing a rough bark image and a smooth bark image. I have created 2 UV maps for the tree, one for the rough bark and one for the smooth bark. I can switch between my UV maps in the UV Editor. How do I blend the textres/UV Maps, and how can I then interpolate between the two so that I have more rough bark at the bottom of the tree and more smooth bark at the top of the tree? OR am I going about this entirely wrong?


Dan, there are multiple ways to do what I believe you’re asking about. Firstly, why is it you’re not simply combining the two textures in an image editor? Perhaps, you’re using it to proceduraly generate random trees? I think, in order to give what would probably be a fair overview, you might explain further what your target is for a finished tree asset? Do they need to maintain 2 separate textures in game? If so, isn’t that something the game engine would handle rather than Blender? Or are you simply trying to find the best way to combine the two textures into a single image file?