Transitions between different bone weights

Hello everyone,

i have a question. How can i make a blend from one vertex group to another w/o having to paint the transition manually? Is that possible? Reason for that is that i`d like to select the vertices for, say, the head first, assign a vertex group go to the next bone switch to Edit mode select points for the neck, assign vertex groups and so on. Don’t have to do it for all bones though - the automatic weighting already did a quite good job. But in some areas i want to set new vertex groups. i made a few Screenshots - i hope you know what i’m talking about (sry for my bad english):

When i selected the vertices and set the vertex group, i want to have an “automatic” transition from red to blue i.e.

Thanks for your help


No Solution? Anyone? :frowning:

Basic tool to use to modify transition manually is the Weigh Paint. Your screen shot is on Weigh Paint mode. All you do is to pick a brush in Tool shelf, set the Weigh amount, set brush radius, strength, jitter amount and paint away. Other options are available in Tool shelf as well. Make sure to activate “Auto Normalize” and Options / X mirror. Auto Normalize sets total weigh amount to 100 % for transition from affecting bones. Now paint away.

You will find that it is not a simple tool to use. It is time consuming and setting transition with color can be tricky. How good of an eye do you have? I myself like to input transition values in a number form. You can set % transition value in vertex group property. But to be able to do that quickly and efficiently, one needs to build a model with lots of loops for easy group selection. You want minimum number of vertexes that need to be controlled.

Your model simply has too many vertices, and no loops!

@ridix: Ah ok! Got the point! I recently started retopologizing the Mesh in order to have a better control over the weight painting. Just thought that i could blend from red to blue without having to do too much painting (its quite tedious, due to the lack of shrinking resources when the polycount is that high - its actually at around 600k). Like i said - the automatic weighting already works quite well except in some areas like the head. But with a well topologized mesh it shouldn’t be that difficult to set the vertex groups / weights properly, you’re right. Many thanks for your input!