Translating(Blender 2.something to 2.45)

Hello, I’m having trouble with doing tutorials. The problem is the people who made Blender have switch some things around, and these tutorials are for 2.42 or something like that. So I was just wondering, does anybody have udated tutorials or a guide to translating this stuff?:frowning:

Which tutorials are you looking at? I’ve found a lot of them transfer over to newer versions (with only a few parts of the SubSurf modeling video different).

It was the BSOD tutorial.

(it isn’t a video tutorial)

It’s the BSOD tutorial on WIKI.

I think you have to ask about specific differences.

Like the subdivide feature. They say to press w, but that is the boolean operation. So where is it on Blender now?

It’s still w. You have to be in Edit Mode.

I also need help with the b button.

In general, things haven’t changed much since 2.42 aside from some added features. If you’re confused, you need to A) pay closer attention to the docs and tutorials (as shown by your question about the W key), and B) ask specific questions. We can’t read your mind about the B key. It works the same as it did in 2.42 in most cases as far as I’m aware.

Also, not a bad idea is C) showing a little gratitude when people try to help.