Translating several nodes together

Hi all,

I’m trying to emulate Shake’s behavior during translation of several selected nodes.

What I have right now is Maya’s keymap presets, and after border selecting several nodes at once I’d like to be able to move them too using the mouse. Currently I’m able to do that using the “G” key, but im looking for a mouse only solution. I’ve looked at the keymaps and couldn’t figure out a way… Any help would be really appreciated.


Not in front of Blender right now but iirc you can select your several nodes and then click-drag outside of them (on the background) to move them all.

Thanks, but I tried dragging outside but it didn’t work, note I’m using just the left mouse button with the maya presets…

Dragging a node that is selected among other nodes will result in just that node being dragged, if that makes sense

Oh with Maya presets I think you click-drag on the background with the right mouse button to move the nodes.

Thanks for that it works when I drag the background, isn’t there a way to have it work while dragging the node itself as opposed to the background through Blender’s current keymap settings ?

Sorry, I don’t know if that’s possible.