Translation advice

Hi folks,

I am finishing up the credits in four languages for our recent short film about sea turtles, and I’m not sure how to formulate them. For instance I went with “music” to credit our musician and sound engineer, but I know there’s the word “score”, and am not sure which one to pick (for the french version I just called it “musique”).

The other terms I’d like to check with you all are : direction, writing (as in written by), voiceover and english translation. Do these sound natural to you ? or should I go with “written by”, “voiced by”, etc ? I fear it might sound overblown. Bear in mind there is no character talking, it’s only a voiceover.

Cheers, I appreciate any help


“Voiceover” is more an industry term. As a native English speaker, I’d expect “Narration”.

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I like narration better, thanks, I’ll change it. The rest will probably stay as it is, as I should focus on the remaining two languages.



“Directed by”

In case of audio you may have to specify, like “(Theme)Composer” and “Sound director” for the engineer.

“Narrator” is ok.

It is rare seen but some movies use also symbols or icons for it,

Thanks for your input @Lukasz-40sth and @rigoletto, I have rendered the credits now.