translation question for a french speaking person

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Ok, I have some text that I would like a translation for as part of a blender project. I want to have a dual-language box text section. The scene has a product and part of the labeling on the container has english and french in one corner. What I put in for my test renders was good but only if you speak english, don’t speak french, and have no idea what you are doing.

Ok, here’s the strange part. I need a translation more or less for:

“Ammunition: bullets of cow dung / 50 bullets”

Trust me, it is weird until you see it in the context of the “product” and then it just seems… weird. :slight_smile:

The english part reads: “Frangible Ammunition - Bovine Excretia / Net 50 Rounds” if that helps.

If you can and want to help thank you in advance!

  • critter

ps - No the product doesn’t exist, will never exist, pokes fun at no one, and is in good clean fun. Well, as clean as cow manure can be… :wink:

Munition: bouse de vache / 50 balles

That’s what I’d make from it (not a internet translation by the way straight from my heart :slight_smile: )
If you need more translations to be done I’m not really your man cuzz my written French sucks cuzz I only speak it.

Thank you snelleeddy!

That is pretty much what I had but I had NO way of knowing whether it was right or not (or in the right order) and I wanted to avoid offending the entire french-speaking world with my mangled attempt.

If anyone else out there would like to weigh in so there is a general consensus - it’s that whole “don’t want to offend millions of people thing”.


Brings up the other question… is there even a word in french for “frangible”? There must be, surely…

Anyway, another day or so of tweaking, fine-tuning, and fretting and I’ll post a WIP.

Thanks again for your help.


“Faible”, I believe.

So, at the risk of sounding quite dense… it would read like this:

Munitions faible: bouse de vache / 50 balles


Thanks so very much valarking & snelleeddy. Have a great day.


First off, “munitions” is plural so “faible” must be plural as well (faibles)
Second, that would read as “weak ammo”.
Dunno 'bout this one, VK.

Ok! This is exactly why I wanted input. Thanks y’all! :smiley:

Frangible is defined english-wise as being “capable of being broken down”, so I guess yeah, weak might be technically correct in translation… I guess. But your point is very good. What we are looking for is the word that conveys that the ammunition is intended to disintegrate on contact with something hard so that ricochet isn’t possible, so innocent bystanders are a whole lot less likely to be hurt.

My whole problem is that I can look a word up online but since the language is not one I speak I don’t have a sense of the nuances like you do.

Strict literal translation isn’t a biggie for me if we can convey the meaning. Given that, what would you suggest? :confused:


In the “GLOSSAIRE COMPLET SUR LES CARTOUCHES”, frangible cartridges are listed as “frangible.” [See the listing for “Type” about 1/4 the way down the page.]

I really didn’t know the word in english nor french, non of my dictonaries know it. But when I asked my parents they knew it; So yes it’s frangible in french.

Thank you those of you who posted. Will place a WIP within a few days.

Cheers -


I’m quite sure saying that “frangible” is not a French word (or at least since many centuries, and so it has absolutely no meaning today in French…).

In the referenced French Glossaire, the word “frangible” is used as-is without any translation, like a few lines lower “/MB : Mushrooming bullet”… (it seems that the authors encountered same translation problem).

Keeping the “capable of being broken down” definition, I think the literaly nearest French word is friable which means : “which may be easily reduced to pieces, or to dust”… French people would also understand “effritable” as meaning exactly the same, though this ‘able’ suffixed form of the verb “effriter” doesn’t appear in any dictionary…

Now, “friable” does not express “intended to disintegrate on contact with something hard so that ricochet isn’t possible”… I see what you mean, but can’t find the right formulation right now, despite of French huge number of words… For that special meaning, I believe that keeping the notion of “desintegration” (or equivalent) as main sense could perhaps furnish a nicer translation result…

The point is: critter is making a box with commercial markings on it. The “Glossaire Complet” shows the word as it is currently used on cartridges sold in France and french speaking Canada. I doubt critter is trying to get the French to accept a new translation, or to provide them a new translation (an exercise in futility if ever there was one) but is trying to make a box that might be found on the shelf in an ammunition shop.

[PS: the garden shops here don’t sell bullshit, but they do carry 10 lb bags of aged steer manure. No kidding.]

Indeed !.. I had some time to spend… and as I still have a few minutes to waste… So I repeat “frangible” has nothing to do with French…

Now the point is that your ‘limited-diffusion’ ‘Blender-project’ intentions seem quite explicit !..
Who will be surprised ? Especially considering how this local extensive custom, of shooting bullshits and aged steer manure, is so often practiced by particular people here… perhaps have they no other way to express and translate their deepest reflection ?.. In French, we call them “indécrottables” ! May be you’ll find the Canadian and U.S. exact translation…

PS : I suppose, critter, that your sig (" Sarcasm is just another service I offer. Free. ") is also one of your main resolutions for 2007 !..

Ah, my sig regarding sarcasm… I’ve found over the years that sarcasm is a great stress reliever and usually people know that no insult is intended. Not always… but usually. It’s not just a resolution, it’s a way of life. :slight_smile: It is much easier when you embrace your sarcasm-ness.

Now the point is that your ‘limited-diffusion’ ‘Blender-project’ intentions seem quite explicit !..
I’m sorry, I think I missed something. I wasn’t implying anything at all, so I hope that offense wasn’t taken. My only intent was to make a box that had dual languages because it would show that a certain amount of extra effort was taken in the concept. Since Canada is a short jaunt from Michigan, it seemed appropriate to use french. Of course, I don’t speak Canadian now that I think about it. (Uh, oh… was that sarcasm? Maybe not. Dunno.)

Orinoco’s assessment was correct, I was shooting for (pun intended) the appearance of what one would expect on a gunshop shelf.

Should I assume that “indécrottables” is a vulgar pejorative? I hope not, since I was trying to avoid any conflict by soliciting input first.

In any event, Gyan, your explanation of “friable” sounds like a good match. I did a render last night using frangible which I’ll post as a wip tonight, but have no problem re-rendering with friable.

Thanks much -


If it makes any difference, I don’t think most English speakers know what frangible means either.

Despite its etymology, the French word “indécrottable” is neither vulgar, neither pejorative : it’s just a colloquial word meaning “incorrigible”.

Ah. Thanks for the clarfication. Being a colloquialism would also explain why I could find no definition of it anywhere. Zip, zilch, nada, zero.

Quite an experience when you don’t know whether you are supposed to be offended or not. :smiley:

Have a good evening, Gyan.


True, but most English speakers also don’t spend a lot of time at indoor pistol ranges, where ricochets can get to be a problem. Ever had a .45 caliber slug whizz by your ear because the steel bounce plate intended to deflect ricochets into a sand pit was deformed into a bowl shape due to repeated impacts? You’d add frangible to your vocabulary, fast.

Gyan: my off hand comment about the products available in LA garden shops was IN NO WAY an editorial comment on your post. If you deemed otherwise, I apologise. I merely thought it ironic that while critter thought selling manure over the counter in the form of bullets was unthinkable to the point of humor, actual retailers were selling manure in 10 pound sacks as fertilizer.

Orinoco, I spend most of my time in outdoor ranges. But all my steel targets have retained their shape regardless of all the .45 caliber slugs I’ve thrown at them and I am happily ricochet-free. :slight_smile: