hi all crazy blender users 8-D

I come here with a simple and stoopid question.

You’re german, french, english, bantu…
You’re dumb asses !!! why don’t you speak the same language as is do ? :rage:

okay… am the dumb’ass :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you do, you blender users for translating your work in… errrr… hundreds languages ?
I dev-ed things decades ago… But never had to translate it.
Now this is mandatory !

How do you do this ? what is your translation workflow ?
am noob on this. And i confess am somewhat frightened :stuck_out_tongue:

heeeeelp :wink:

happy blending !

One idea is to stick directly to the original source and translate/interpret directly. The other option is to reformat information and represent it in a much more cleaner and easy to understand way.

Most of the times professional translators only do direct translation because their job is just to convert sentences and keep mutations to the original work as little as possible. As for example it is possible for a translator to translate accurately quantum physics books without knowing anything about these concepts. Then they do not get into deep waters of how the information is structured.

So direct translation works best for simple ordinary talk or small talk (as subtitles in movies) or simple sentences without requiring complex comprehension (novels / biographies) or originality (preserve connection to original work).

The opposite of direct translation is restructure and recompilation of information in a new way. However this essentially is like making an essay/review/thesis and it severely breaks the connection to the original because is like projecting your own interpretation.

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What do you call direct translation ?
I mean technically speaking.

Is it something like CTRL+A, copy and paste in google translate ?

If it is this is shitty enough for making me laugh :wink:

The thing i search for is a canvas/method for getting different texts or audios of different languages and multiplex them according to the choosen language :slight_smile:

Next step for me will be to find/pay for translators to gimme the product of their work, and store it
in the proper ‘language folder’

If you want simplicity you might cut down all “figures of speech” and “natural talk” and limit sentences to sound like commands.

As for example you can easily do word-to-word translation and S-V-A sentences, though it will be very limited in expression (it will be lame _ but at least accurate).

Is on the interpretation stage that all automatic translations miss. Still lots of development until these human-like patterns are figured out.