Translucent somewhat glossy plastic

I can’t seem to come up with a good way to make this material. It’s like a semi-transparent, somewhat glossy clean plastic. It just never looks realistic no matter how I make it


Have you tried mixing transparent with translucent and then mix the result with a glossy?

I’m guessing the mix between transparent and translucent should use layer weight (or fresnel) as a factor, to make it more transparent when is facing the camera.

Or another option would be to use volume, but that would take ages to render…

Quite a few threads about this already, e. g.

@IkariShinji thank’s; this shader works very good :slight_smile:

Never thought of mixing glass with emission for this kind of material!

You probably won’t need to use that trick once 2.8 is released - the emission shader is being used to counteract the darkening effect that occurs with rough glass. In 2.8 this has been fixed by the introduction of a multi scattered GGX option.