Transluscency Map Not Working


I’m trying to make a simple sort of mock-blue screen test.
I have a plane in front of the camera. The plane is a red circle on a black background. I set that image to the color. Now I add another texture with the same image. I set it to “No RGB” and put it on the transluscency. I put a cube behind the plane and render it.

All I see is the image of the red circle. :frowning:

My goal was to make the black area transparent, so I can see the cube behind it. How do I accomplish this?

Edit: I should probably set the second tex to alpha… It doesn’t work when I do that either.


What file format is your image? If itis png or jpg, I think you will have to click on UseAlpha, calcalpha or both in the image panel.


Translucency is not transparency. Your Image Texture should have CalcAlpha on and Material mapped to Alpha in the MapTo tab with Alpha slider at zero in F5 Material tab.


Hmmm… I thought I did that before…
Oh well, it works now. I guess you’re just magic!