Transmission Tower

Render of a transmission tower for 30kv

A distribution transformer is attached to the station.

Hope you like it…

Very nice dark atmosphere indeed.
The wood and metal probably reflect way too much light though, given the light conditions (if that wasn’t an art style choice, ofc).

Looks cool. Love the atmosphere as well.

@ sjaustirni: Maybe there should be less reflection, but I think the reflection makes the image much more interesting.
Without it the image would be to dark and the focus would lie on the background

What is the purpose oif this image? Is it a technical illustration for transformer enthusiats? In that case I think it is too dark because the technical details are not visible. If you are going for something sinister it works fairly well even if I think a little gentle blue from low one side and a little red light from the other would make it more dramatic and movie-like.

i like all aspects of this image.there is a story, but it is a little incomplete.maybe a camera angle to emphasize height and perspective effect?

Very strange subject, but wonderfully done. Great job!

I made the reflections so strong on Purpose, because without them the subject wouldnt look interesting.
I made them so strong in post processing, so that i would get a mystic atmosphere.

And no im not a transformer enthusiast XD
I just found the structure interesting

there is not much story to it, its just a transmission tower that looks kind of weird

The transformer enthusiasts will be saddended to hear that.