Transmissivity with opaque objects

Now this thread I know the guy with the picture used the new transmissive feature to give the effect of light passing through solid objects but I can only get it to work on glass, the build i’m using has this feature and I want to know how to get it to make the same effect as in that topic


Hi Icoxo,

I haven’t had time to test it properly but I tried the .blend by mpan3 on this page and it seemed to work fine (using jms’ latest build) - have a look at it and see.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: I wonder if it’s having the more diffuse area light that really brings out the effect?

I looked at it and the monkeys are actually transparent because I removed the ground or changed the color of it and it showed through the ears. So i’m guessing this would mean no good use of making objects like candles with photoreal wax or clouds that get darker the thicker they are.