Transmitting Property Values Between Scenes

Hi, I need some help. One of the things that limits me the most in game making is that if I want a game with multiple scenes I cannot have the scenes influence each other. I want to have scenes such as “shop” where you can spend money you get from scenes “battle1” “battle2” etc. But to do this I need to copy a property value from one scene to another. I do not know python and if the answer involves python (Which it probably does) I will need thorough directions. Not for someone to just paste a script here. I really need help and it would be appreciated.

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You can set a globalDict property using bge.logic.globalDict.

own = bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner
bge.logic.globalDict[var] = own[var]

I’m sorry, but I do not understand. Do I just put that code on my 2 planes that are on different scenes? I am using the planes as dynamic text.

There have been countless posts asking this very same question here on the forums. Please use Google, Bing (insert search engine of choice) or the forum search tool to find your answer.

Yes, I have searched for an answer before posting this thread including one that you actually responded to. Unfortunately I do not understand. I have never used python before and to me what I have found on other pages makes no sense. I know that I could spend some time learning python but I think this is the only time I would ever need to use it to finish my “fun” little project.

I made a video to answer your question

Also, this is the sample game made: (91.4 KB)

Good luck!

Thanks so much! The video was private and I couldn’t watch it, but after looking at the sample I understood. Thanks!
Maybe you should make that video public though because I’m sure lots of other people are wondering about this too!

Oops I thought it was private as in if you had the link above you could see it. I’m still new to Youtube

Anyways, changed to public.

Glad it helped!

Wow, I can’t believe you made a 15 minute video just to answer a stupid question. Thanks! I liked your video a lot!

In response to your Youtube question about switching between scenes and having property transmitted both ways:

And the blend/script:
sample (110 KB)