transp and texture

is there a way to get about the same results

hen using the 2 technics for transp


Ztransp + texture
Tranps + Text

The transp + TExt seems alot darker then with Ztranps
even wtih alpha =0

see pic


Ricky, just curious…do you read the wiki before asking us? :eek:

Ray Transparency is adjusted using the fresnel slider (on the ray trans tab) not the alpha slider.

problem is that wiki is not complete , lot’s of missing info
and still a big WIP

hiopefully soon it will be better cause there was a request made to get more peoples to work on doc including 2.5

i already tried may of the vars in the transp and mirror panel
and not easy to get the right combinations with so many vars

i played with fresnel fac aniso ior alpha ect,
and other var in shader panel

but don’t get the same results
it’s not the same at all

so if you know how to get a close equivalent that would be my goal
which i ahven found yet

also i’ll test this in yafaray may have better control but not the same quality either
anyway blender is supposed to be better in 2.5 so i’ll test the latest 2.5 builts
to see if we can get better results