transp uv textures?

Ok I’m about to start making some huge uv textures but I want them to have both black and white in them whilst I still need some transparancy in there. So the calcalpha function won’t do. What image format with an alpha channel can I use that has an alpha channel? I tried .tga but there seems to be no alpha function in there? (at least in paint shop)


I’m almost sure that Paint Shop has an alpha function. It’s a basic one.
You can try with the Gimp:
Start a transparent image, do your work, then, “flatten image”, and save your
image in TGA format, 32 bits, without RLE or the likes
Now you’lll surelly have a trasparent or translucid texture

Both TGA and PNG supports alpha channel.


I noticed blender also reads PSDs regardless of how many layers are in them, and it seems to read them really well.

I was talking to basse_ in blenderchat and he pointed me to the png format… tga should work but psp doesn’t save that with alpha… png works perfectly.