transparant look after subsurfing

I want to join a hand with my character mesh.
I have used subsurfing for a better look for the hand.
Now I am joining the meshes together but when I zoom in I get a transparant look arround the hand mesh as its look before subsurfing. I find it very hard to join the meshes now toghether is it possible to get rid of the transparant look so I can work more carefully.

I have disabled subsurfing and now its going much better.

you could just parent the two objects together, which would allow you to subsurf the hand without having to subsurf the sleeve. To get rid of transparent part, just close the sleeve off, like a cap on the end of a tube. When you slide the hand into the sleeve, it will look like the sleeve just fits around the hand/wrist.

Yes that is also a good solution . But I wanted to join the hand to the arm.
Finally the character is getting a long coat.

Then, I think you can Apply the subsurf modifier to the hand, and it will actually create those more verticies that then will make the hand smooth. Then you can join it with the slieeve.