transparence and rendering


I’m a brand-noobie trying to learn how to make a material transparent and then render it.
I’ve looked through the tutorials and wiki pages a bunch to figure it out, but I’m
still having problems.

I have made the material transparent, but when I render it, the object completely disappears, and I’m not sure why.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

My alpha in not zero but it is less than one.
I have ray tracing enabled.

I’m attaching a couple of screenshots so you can check my settings.


Put a texture as the background, and then put the IOR to 1.5. I think the problem you have is that the IOR is too high or everythign is rendering right, but it’s so transparent that you can’t see it.

Also, try to put the lamps in your scene up all the way in intensity and distance, to see if you just don’t have any light reaching your models.

thank you henrymop for helping. I tried what you said, but unfortunately the object still doesn’t appear in the render.

I set the IOR to 1.5.
I intensified the existing lamp and added two more.
I gave the background a “voronoi” texture in a hideous contrasting color.
I tried putting the fresnel down to 0 also.

At one point I seemed to have a very faint shadow of the object(not in this render) but I don’t know why.

Thanks again.


okay! so I found something somewhere else in the forum when I searched for
“invisible transparent render”
I found this thread with this post by CD38 which said:

Two other things that make a mesh disappear:

  1. Does your head have a particle system attached? If you want to see the emitter, activate Mesh in the Particles panel.
  2. Does the mesh has Dupliverts turned on (in the F7 Object panels)?

And as it turned out, I did have a particle system attached to the object from messing around trying to learn about “Bake” earlier. I deleted the particle system and voila! The object showed up clear as day!

Thanks Forum!