Transparency and python

Hi, everyone !!!
I’m a true beginner on GameEngine… Please help me out.

I want to control the transparency of some objects using python.

Let me explain my scenario(?) %| .

There are two objects, A and B.
When user press UPArrow button, Object A change to Object B gradually.
when pressing DwonArrow, Object B change to Object A gradually.

I already read all past topics. However I could’t find any clue. Everyone mentioned IPO stuff. But I want to do this effect, morphing, by python.

When I press “P” button, I could not see any textures.
I could see just white objects. What should I do?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

materials don’t mean much in the game engine, you have to use image textures which you apply to your mesh via uvmapping

there are several tutorials on how to do this, but I’ll just refrence one

as long as you aren’t changing the shape of the object this shouldn’t be much of a problem

your faces must be marked alpha in the paint buttons [which show up in the edit window when you are in face select mode, press copy drawmode to apply to select faces], and also must be marked obcolor [object color], which would mean you can’t paint vertex colors on your mesh.

you would animate the colR colG colB and colA [alpha] channels of your meshes

and in the game engine probably play them by property [because there isn’t a way to make them move forward and back and stop with the other play modes]

you will be using only a minimal amount of python to make sure that the property changes an amount based on the time that has passed since the last frame

[so that it changes the same speed regardless of framerate]

one of your meshes will probably need to be replaced with an opaque one so that you can’t see through them both [two 50% transparent objects can still be seen through]

… yeah, thats’ about it

that last request was pretty complex, perhaps you should try more simple things first? work on logicbricks and dynamic properties… I dunno

Thank you so much…