Transparency Artifacting in Viewport?

I’m very new to 3d modeling, and have no official training. So I don’t know the technical terms for anything, which can make searching for help a pain. Sorry if this has been covered and I’m too daft to discover it myself.

This is only my fourth model ever, I wanted to create some alpha hair, but the hair is creating visual issue with itself. Note these are in the game engine viewport, not rendered.

On her bangs, does anyone know what is causing this? The bangs are all part of a single object, not part of the character’s head.

Thanks either way! Stay cool guys!

Okay, update on this. I found the alpha bland: alpha clip to SORT of fix it. The weird artifacts go away, but the edging is super jagged and hard. It still looks better. Is this something I just have to get used to? Thanks, sorry to be a bother!


The other blend modes look better while the hair object is selected, but when I deselect the hair object, it gets the ugly edging back.