Transparency by alpha in the material's viewport doesn't work

Hi! I wanted to make my glasses transparent and use alpha (Material - add new material - in viewport display in colour changed alpha). The whole model becomes a glitch. Are there any specific settings to use this method? Would be grateful!

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Setting the viewport color alpha works to adjust the transparency of the material in viewport solid mode for me.


You have change the Viewport Display and not the Surface.
If you use Eevee you must also change the Blend Mode.


In the Render view, I actually have no issue, it’s about Solid mode. I have changed into the Blend mode. Nothing has changed. I’m going through the tutorial, the author makes transparency via only viewport, so I try the same. The photo is a render view.

I don’t think you can have transparency in solid view unless you have it globally by turning X-Ray view on :thinking:

Apparently you can: viewport Material and Object colors have an Alpha input.


So not sure what causes a glitch like that.

@Ana_Sokolova, if you make a new file and add some random objects with transparent materials does the problem persists?

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That definitely looks like graphic card artefacts, try updating drivers first, if that doesn’t help you should submit that as bug. Help -> Report a Bug will autofill hardware info into submission ticket.


yes, it happens in any case.

could you please tell me what drivers? Have never updated them before. I have AMD Ryzen 5 so I should just download drivers for Ryzen5?

Ryzen is a cpu, you need gpu drivers. Is that notebook or desktop computer? If you are on Windows 10 it should tell you what gpu you have if you Right Click on Taskbar → Task Manager, switch to Performance tab and it’s in top right corner:

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Oh, sorry, I have laptom. grafic cadr is Radeon Vega 8 grafics

Official site:

They should be here somewhere:

Make sure you choose correct processor (that info should be in task manager too, but in different tab).


Thank you) Updated drivers helped)