Transparency fail at scene change D:

Hi! I have a simple menu where i choose the level of the game.
In logic bricks it states set scene, and when it sets the new scene all the transparency dont work, all which should be alpha is black except the alpha blend mode “add”, if i start the game in the “level scene” and not the “select level”, the transparency works perfect.
I cant post the blend file as i signed several NDAs, but i could give more details.
Im hoping is something crazy and common.
Please someone help me?
I will start making a new empty file only to test if problem persist ill upload the blend file.

As a quick guess, make sure that both scenes are set to the same texture mode (GLSL, Texture Face, Multitexture), as it won’t change in-game.

Thanks! that solved it! Also having the same “world” for all scenes. Now i just still wonder why some textures look really dark in one scene and bright in another… But that will come later.
Thanks again!