transparency fail, beffudled

starting out a new project, playing w/some textures. Added white and yellow solid stripes with transparency to a shader, bu the stripes come out looking black.
Have no doubts you folks have the answer!

cardinal.blend (693 KB)

Try plugging a transparent shader into the second shader input of the mix node.

Hope this helps!

If you are trying to overlay (like a decal, or painted on effect) you would use the alpha to mix your custom colors (color, mixrgb node – not mix shader) with some some base color (red here)

Thank you Photox! That worked perfectly!

JettG_G Thx!

I thought i had this resolved. But keep having issues. Everything was set up as it should work, but decals (yellow&Black) are not showing. been trying to fix this for a while.

sideThingies.blend (634 KB)

There are no images packed in the file. Works with a painted one

Thank you sorry about that. thought it was set on auto pack. Will go back to it.

You have wired the color output into the subsurface (percentage) slot, not the subsurface color.

@photox @ja12 yep saw that and fixed, it I guess a better title would be buttUglyTransparency. this is the latest render…I finally see the transparency but had to put some real strong light on it.
Also, the ship although “metal” isn’t reflecting the environment or the large image as pane I want to use for the background?
Which I don’t understand at all.
And the front of the ship i’ll save for another post!

Troubleshooting a new problem requires a new .blend with enough geometry and relevant textures in it so the problem can be replicated. Looking at a render, could take a wild guess on how the thing is set up, but I don’t like to do that.

Quite reasonable! Thank you, i think I have somethings to try out. :slight_smile: