Transparency: how difficult can it be??

Wow, how can I make the simple basic cube transparent?
This seems to be extremely difficult. All I find is tutorials with 5-10steps, and even when I try these, the cube is still not transparent…

Many thanks for your help.

Post a blend file showing your problem and describe exactly what you want to have.

Here is the file. There is a sphere hidden behind the cube.
I want the cube to be transparent, so that the sphere can be seen.


transparency trial.blend (400 KB)


Got it.

Check the transparency tickbox in the cubes material settings and reduce its alpha value just below it.

I created a surface by joining several nurbs curves, then “make segment”, so I have a (complex) surface. When I select it (to make it transparent), it does not offer me the “Transparent”-setting.


Sample .blend attached.


carrier assembly1ufacetest transptrial.blend (647 KB)

How transparent do you want it to be? If the answer is completely then why does it need to be there at all? :wink:

I do feel your pain though, as a relative noob myself an opacity slider would be great wouldn’t it? :wink:

OK, found it out: I had to “Convert to Mesh from Curve” first, then I got the “Transparency”-box.

Thanks to all for your help!