Transparency in GLSL

How do you get transparency in GLSL? I’ve been using images with an alpha channel for a while, but now that I’ve been moving to GLSL, I’ve run into a snag. Now when I give the object a material, the alpha channels show up as translucent white and aren’t transparent at all. How do I get transparency back?

I also have been having this problem, all I can do is keep playing around with the alpha button the texture pannels, and no good reasults so far.

Yeah, for me it also took a while to understand how to work with transparency and alpha…

the thing i realized is that you need to push ZTransp button to make things transparent, and if you use Alpha map, you have to push Alpha button in MapTo window.

Thanks a ton!

I`m glad i could help.

Yeah, thanks from me too, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: