Transparency in the Material Node Editor in Blender 2.57

Since the “Mask” feature in the material’s transparency settings (good idea, btw.) was introduced, appearently the material nodes don’t support transparency anymore? I guess I’m missing something, but neither preview nor render show any z- or ray transparency.

When I load a file created with 2.55 into 2.57, the transparency works in the editor, also the “mask” setting in the imported material does not show up, so I guess, there is a link betwenn them.

Also Volume materials don’t work there, but I guess that’s not intended anyways, right?

noone else had that problem?

In the Material Tabs, directly below the Material Preview, open the (by default closed) Tab “Render Pipeline Options”. Here you check the box “Transparency”. Here you can choose between “Mask”, Z- and Raytracing. The Transparency tab should be active now.


That works.Vielen Dank