Transparency in view port

hello! so i am making a specific model and am having trouble with the dress. I want the dress to be slightly transparent, i have put on a transparent mode but that only works in rendering, i know i can make the transparency possible to see in the view port, but i am having trouble figuring it out.

here is the model if you want to get a closer look at it:
character 1.blend (1.9 MB)
also, i am in version 2.79

This will work in LookDev, not sure which to choose, this might give you an idea.

so, i work in 2.79, but i also use 2.8. and what i just found out interesting is that when in put my 2.79 folder (the one i linked) and put it in 2.8 and reapplied the transparent node, it was transparent. in both view port and render. it a good thing i plan on animating this in 2.8 anyways. (the whole reason i just put the file in 2.8 was because the picture you sent me look like and are the settings in 2.8 and not 2.79, so i tranfered it to test what you where showing, so thanks)

Yep, guess I didn’t realize. I’m not sure about whether you can do the same in 2.79.

well, i did see tutorials and it worked, but they where either in 2.74 or 2.8, which have different settings. so ya.