Transparency is not working


I have the problem with an imported 3ds file that the windscreens are not getting transparent, it stays grainy. Does anybody know this problem?




What settings are you using?

Be sure to have the “Material” tab > “Alpha” set to 0 and the “Mirror Trans” tab > “Ray Transp” button on.

I have ray transp of course enabled, but alpha to 0 is new to me, can you discribe where I can find this?
The 2nd panel from the left, on the bottom right you have the Alpha value.

Hi, just to point it out, you dont need alpha 0 is you do ray tranparency.
You can fake glass in to diferent ways:

1.alpha 0:
-Press F5(material button, at the button window).
-On links and pipeline tag, activate (darker green), Ztransp.(now alpha works insted of giving an ugly blueish effect.
-On material tag, at the botom there’s a slider which now sais A 1.000, thats alpha full, try lowering it to 0.500 to have half transparent materials.
… This a really simple unrealistical effect. (no Ray Transp needed).

-On F5(material button, at the button window).
-On Mirror Trans Tag, activate (darker green), Ray Transp.
-Oh! nothing happens yet! aha! that’s here fresnel comes to play, giving a trasparenci at center and fadeing back to your materials color, play around with that value.
(No Ztransp needed here this time).
If you find this efect to harsh tray Filter fiels Thats same colum 6 rows bellow, its a numeric field with to arrows at each side.
Much more realistical needs Ray at F10 Rende window activate.

Hoped I helped you!!!
Keep Blending


I have tried alpha but that did not help. Look at the picture of my settings, normally
they would do as like in the presample.


I think it was the blending factor for fresnel, from raytracing, although I don’t see from these spots now.

HI could you render your car again with current setings, so we se what’s happening?

I thought it was better, but it is not really better, I don’t know what is wrong with the settings
though, maybe some experimenting outside of the blend file or something.


Unfortunately the problem is there still.


I have remade them with blender, but now I have some problems with sorting it together, should I do this with snap to grid, or something?