Transparency isn't showing up in my render! Help!

AHH okay so this has been driving me crazy for the past like two hours…
A model I downloaded from the innerwebs comes with a alpha mask to make the leaves more detailed, I previously set this up the same way in a previous file and it worked flawlessly but this time I must have missed something or its just broken, I’m so confused lol.

imagine a picture of a leaf with a green outline here, I’m only able to upload one embeded media and I figured it was more important to see the node setup?

This is what it is showing up like in the rendered view, and the light green outline isn’t supposed to be there…

This is the node setup that I had previously used that worked perfect…
I’m using cycles 2.8… when I previously set this up I think the only thing I did was connect the nodes and it had worked although I could be forgetting a crucial step… I may remember setting an option about alpha hashing or something but I can’t find it now and from what I read other places that’s an Eevee setting…

Thank you in advance for any help y’all can offer! :slight_smile:

okay here is the plant with the outline lol

The outline is showing becase you’re in viewport mode and the object is selected. deselect the object, or actually F12 to render and the issue won’t occur.

Haha I should clarify, not the orange outline necessarily but the light green, there should be cutouts that imitate like a rip in the leaf! It came with two textures the color one and an alpha mask, the alpha mask doesn’t seem to want to work here! Haha in my previous file I was working on it could be selected and transparency was still there!

In situations like that, I sometimes dro pa colorramp inbetween the map and the alpha input node, a small tweak on the ramp black psotion can sort things like that by clamping the alpha map.

Awesome! I gave that a shot when I came back to it today and noticed that my image texture node with the alpha mask was connected incorrectly to the shader! Jeez didn’t even notice! I guess I just needed to get a little sleep!

Thanks for your help though!! :slight_smile:

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