Transparency & Mirror

Hi friends,

I have completed the modelling part of a glass. now want to add the transparency and mirror. any body please give the values of a good looking glass. [ Blender 2.5 ] . or any tutorial site [ Blender 2.5 ]

I tried to find many tutorials. but all are in 2.49 and i failed to apply that value in 2.5.

also want the value of a plane mirror.


I’m not the best person to advise on materials, but the basics are simple here.

Enable transparency
Select transparency method- Raytrace
Increase IOR. (1.5 for glass)
Turn down alpha.
Increase fresnel.

Play with the settings to get good looking glass, since that depends on what you want.

For a plane mirror just enabling Mirror and increasing the reflectivity slider should be enough.

To my knowledge none of the raytrans or mirror values/settings have changed in 2.5 from 2.49 so being unable to transfer sounds like laziness to me.

And a plain mirror is common sense, create a plane and give it a mirror (reflectivity) value of 1

You could put some effort into understanding what each setting means then you would be able to come up with the proper settings yourself instead of simply asking people to spoon feed them to you…