Transparency overlapping

Got another problem here. My trees (with alpha transparent branches) overlap with (transparent) water, from some angles they look fine and from different angles they appear as if submerged.

Tried mask or zTransp, tried enabling premultiplied alpha, tried different alpha blending methods for both trees and water. The only “solution” is using alpha clip, but this way the branches are aliased and pretty much disappear at distance.

Now the weirdest part. If I disable transparency for both water and trees, the water still renders over the tree!

If this question goes unanswered like my previous one, I guess I’ll have to give up on Blender as prototyping tool. Hell, does anyone actually use BGE for anything beyond templates with untextured boxes?
Sorry about the ranting, but daily struggles with fundamental functionality are getting really tiresome.

Usually setting to “alpha sort” resolves overlapping transparency drawing issues. Is there any chance you set some weird z-offset on some of the materials?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately alpha sort acts the same way as every other blending mode except for alpha clip, which is useless for the reason stated above.
All materials have z-offset at the default zero, and setting positive or negative value doesn’t change a thing.

Alpha maps are quite problematic sometimes. This kind issues presented how Open GL renders screen. (Well Direct X have similar issues too)
-Alpha sort: sorts vertices inside the object and drain much more power from GPU, and do not object vs object sorting. (My opinion)
-Large alpha areas (Like sea) make problems. Sea plane coordinates may have below of the tree…
So, dont use alpha for sea or lakes. (They dont look transparent in long distances naturally at all)
Bottom image:You have no transparecy in material, but texture uses alpha. Give usually that kind effect.

Thank you!
I was already unsure whether the large body of water should be transparent or not. When I created a new material, using the same texture, but not messing with any transparency at all, it worked. The original material probably retained some alpha info even after disabling transp in the material tab and alpha for textures.
For the water stream I just split it into multiple meshes and it’s fine too now.

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