Transparency problem

(Poju) #1

I have this submerine like thingy and it have “glassbubble” cocpit, but i can see it trough the body of submarine.
Heres pic:

I’m sure that edges of glassbubble are inside of body so it should not be wisible.

Please help. Is it in material settings or feature of Blender (Publisher 2.25) or something else and how to get rid of it.


(Jamesk) #2

Did you accidently switch on Ztransp for the body? Even if alpha=1.000 it might still show things “behind” it… Otherwise I don’t know, aside from geometrical probs, but since you’ve made sure that’s OK…

Edit: Make sure there’s no Zoffset on the bubble thingy.

(Poju) #3

I’m forever gratfully. There was Zoffset in bubble and that was it, so thanks

Here is new image:

(Jamesk) #4

Glad I could help! Really cool looking sub, btw!

(VelikM) #5

Observation sub, or how to see the inside of a whale. :wink:

(ec2) #6

Great model. I like the lighting you’ve used.

(Poju) #7

Thak you al. If u like u can view little more at:

See ya