Transparency problems.

I think this would go here…and this question is going to make me seem like such a noob… :o Oh, well, maybe I am one.

I’m trying to make a glass chess set, because I’m bored right now, but I haven’t used transparency before, only reflections. When I use transparency, and yes I turned ray transparency on, I get the background color, like screen #1 below. My material settings for the white pawns are screen #2. My black pawns have the same settings, just the colors are black, not white. What am I doing wrong?

This isn’t near done, I’m just having problems with the transparency, so please don’t critique yet. :wink:


The ray mirror is reflecting the blue sky color. And with that much mirror and that little transparency, you’ll pretty much only see the reflections.

ROFL, I knew this was going to make me look like a noob. :o I though of that about 10 minutes ago, and only now was able to get on and try it. Sorry for the stupid question, everybody.