Transparency rendering as black

I am trying to make a plane with hair strands UV mapped onto it. I painted the hair strand image in the Gimp, with a transparent background, and saved it as a .png. In Blender, I added a subdivided plane and with everything selected in UV Face select mode, opened HairStrandImage.png in the UV/Image Editor window. I added a material to the plane, set the material to TexFace and ZTransp, but when I render the image, the space between the strands renders as black rather than transparent.
I then reloaded HairStrandImage.png with the Draws Image with Alpha button pressed, hoping it would make a difference, but got the same result.

I read manual, found this thread which seemed to be exactly the same problem I’m having, but when I tried their recommendations I still came up with black between the strands.

Here’s the settings, a potato mode 3d view and the UV/Image editor (notice the transparent background!) I’m sure I’m missing something simple and obvious, but am simply butting my head against this wall right now. Any suggestions?

Try putting the Alpha slider all the way down to 0.

That should work.

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EDIT: By the way, with alpha down to 0, that will show the background color through the transparent parts, but to have it really transparent, you should have ZTrans and RayTransparency on.

Unfortunately, when I turn the Alpha slider down to zero, everything becomes transparent, strands and background. The plane becomes invisible. Not exactly the effect I was trying to get.
Now, about that ZTrans in the Materials panel and RayTransparency in the Mirror/Transparency panel: if I press RayTrans, ZTrans turns off. If I press ZTrans, RayTrans turns off. I cannot get them both on at the same time. With either of them on, I get a black background rather than transparency.
I want the alpha part really transparent. I don’t want black replaced with background color. This will be used for hair, I want to be able to see whatever is behind the hair through the hair strands.

It was something simple and obvious I overlooked. When I imported the image for the texture, I forgot to press the UseAlpha button in the Texture buttons Image panel. :o Embarrassed: party of one. :o

Guys, and what about Yafray?
I have no problem with alpha in Blender Interlan Renderer. Example:

But in Yafray I cannot get a traced shadow, but the whole plane. Example:

How to get a shadow tracing the shape from the map - in Yafray? Anybody knows?

Ummm, Adam, you might want to start your own thread. With a title like “Yafray shadows rendering as rectangles” or some such. Use the “New Thread” button at the top of the thread listing page. Besides, you’re jumping into a conversation about a problem I had, and you glibly announce, “Well, I don’t have that problem at all, but here’s MY problem…” Rather rude, don’t you think?

And if you want to get rid of those ugly ring artifacts on your ground plane, use more lights.

I AM sorry if my post was submitted in way which can be seen as not polite. I have just followed some advices from your thread, then tried yafray. Got stuck with that and posted a question. That’s all.

@ Orinoco: I meant Ztrans OR Raytraced Shadows. Sorry :(.

And, I totally forgot about the use alpha button. I’ve only used that feature once, about a year ago…

@ Jakima: Sorry, I never used Yafray when I did that before. And, I agree with Orinoco when he said that you should start your own thread, just because it would be hard to get noticed within this one. Yafray people probably wouldn’t think twice about this thread. Big YAFRAY titles get their attention.

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You know, checking out is very well worth the time. No need to start topics all the time especially now that the yafray docs are EXTREMELY useful.

Oh, another reason might be

Myke, that may very well be true, but this ain’t a thread about Yafray. I noticed jakima only had a few posts at BlenderArtists, so rather than just say “Dammit, don’t hijack my thread” I tried to be subtle. Too subtle, I suppose. Once this scrolls off the first page do you suppose people looking for Yafray solutions are going to be glad the search engine found this thread? Is jakima going to come back here to see your RTFM advice? Somehow, I doubt it. There is a reason for keeping separate questions separate, especially in the support forums.

Oh well, now that your thread is already hijacked (and your problem solved), I felt like I had to point that out. It can’t be stressed often enough lately.

If he posts a seperate thread I will post it again but until then, there is still a chance that he looks into this thread again and sees my post. I’m sorry if this is a problem for you, I get your point (and tried to make my own intention clear) and there’s no need to discuss it further.