Transparency showing too many edges?

I’m making an animation where a mesh goes from being transparent A=0, to viewable, A=1.0. I think my approach is wrong, but I don’t know what I should do. The current animation shows all the edges instead of showing a solid object. What should I do to approach this the correct way?

See video of animation here:

Why not render it in 2 passes? The first is the still imagery and the second is your changing mesh. So you can composite it. Just gradually blend the letters in…
thats what i would do. You can do this also entirely in blenders compositor, but its a bit of a pain tho :wink:

I have done that with cinelerra and produced good results, but it doesn’t explain how to properly do it in blender. I’m new to blender, but trying to learn as much as possible. I’m also concerned if I’m trying to do this in another type of animation, that compositing may produce unwanted effects. I also have to render everything twice and tweak the compositing. I would have thought blender had a way to handle this directly. Thanks.

Never mind, I fixed it. When I extruded the mesh, I ended up with faces on the inside. After removing those faces, it went away.