Transparency throughout principled into FBX file

made a model that have transparency in it tring to mimic glass. the material node is as follows:

the problem is that when i export it to FBX file and then into unity, it shows as non-transparent.
what the model should look like when rendered by Cycles:
what it looks in unity:
i need to export the model as it look in render in unity whiteout losing transparency. to make the AR application.

this is a unity problem, not a blender one. you will get a lot more help asking on a unity forum. i doubt many here know unity well.

to partly answer, a lot of info get lost during export, and theres pretty much nothing you can really do.

Does this help @mohamed_omer.

I’ll see if it helps

I been into this, it would help, but am using procedure and not image texture for starters. And the model don’t have non-transperant parts.
But I’ll see the unity guy am working with if he can do what the link says.
Thank you for helping sir.

id wager unity has some kind of procedural textures, but i highly doubt they reflect blenders, the best way might be to bake your cycles textures.

I will sure try that out. But will that work when am not using image as a base color? Because the manual says the following:

And it also says i can bake transmission.
Maybe I just should give it a try and know.

As the manual said, I can not bake without image texture.
I got after spending two hours and more on UV unwrapping.