Transparency - visibility of the verticy on the other side

Hello folks ! That’s my 1st post here, hope to gain a lot of expierience during being here, on the forum. :wink:
I want to be able to see through faces, so that I can see vertices on the other side. How to achieve this ?


By looking at the images above I would say press the little button with the circle and 4 dots to the right of that cube button, that is to right of the line button, that is to the right of the dot button. See it?

I don’t get it

Edit:// O.K. It works ! It’s great ! Thank you very much :wink: . For people who have difficulties with understanding, as I’ve used to have, here’s a little screen print tutorial I’ve prepared for you.

  1. Firstly go to the ‘Edit mode’. (I guess there is not such option [this button] in the ‘Object mode’. I couldn’t see it, anyway.)

  2. Then go to the viewport shading “Solid” (again, as above).

  3. Click “the magic button” :wink: . (just makin’ fool with the name)