Transparency while modelling?

Hey I’ve a questions. I have started working with blender a few weeks ago. (Switched from 3ds max to blender)

Blender has this very nice background image function what is excellent for blueprints.
But I can only setup the transparency for the bg image. Not for the mesh.

So if I am in the front view, i cant really see the bg image because of my mesh. “Limit selection to visible” is activated but i see only the polygons trought the mesh not the bg image.

In 3ds max i could easy add an material with diffuse color and set the transparency of the color lower, so the whole mesh would get transparent.

Is there an possibility in blender to do this?

As you say add a material, set its alpha value to be transparent.
In the objects draw settings, switch on display transparency.
The big problem is this is only in object mode. The only solution is to use wireframe view

But then it’s only transparent if I render it. Not while modelling.

Not if you set the draw mode to textured instead of solid. In solid mode your transparency won’t show.