Transparency ?

This has probably been asked many times on many forums but here we go again.
I want to know if it is possible to shine a light through a semi transparent object to deliver a coloured shadow on another object ?

I have worked through the lights bit in the tuorial and can do the traditional shadows and the ray shadows and transparencies with refraction where the objects seen through a semi transpaent object are distorted and colour altered by the semi T color but the shadow cast by the semi T object is always gray or black or slightly coloured by another light in the scene but never colored by the semi T.
I hope you understand what I mean ?
Like shining a white light through a red filter will deliver a white light but a red shadow where the filter blocks the light.

I asked about this in Anim8or and was told it wasnt possible in that program but in Erain-Swift 3D it does it automatically for you, just by adding a light then adding a semi T object with an object behind it.

Any ideas anyone.
Thanks :smiley:

This currently is not supported. There are tricks to get the look you want, by using a lamp that has the same colour, but lower power behind your object to get the shadow colour.

If I am not mistaken, colour filtering is being developed in the Tuhopuu tree of Blender and is currently implemented in that version. Should be in official release shortly.


Is this possibly what you mean?