transparent and glass in GE

Hi again!
I know how to make transparent stuff for rendered stuff, but that way doesn´t work for GE, so can someone nice person tell me how I can made glass and transparent things for Game Engine…
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Well first of all if you want to make transparent glass you need to find a nice glass texture ect… then you have a cup model you click on the cup model and enter the UV Face Select from there you add your texture from the
UV/Image Editor while in there click on Image then Realtime texture mapping and make sure its selected the Reflection and now when you look at your model the texture should be reflecting and set all the cups faces to alpha blend mode by doing this it will make it transparent By the way alpha only works with .tga formated images ect…

{Link to a .blend example below } :
you can get this example from blender homepage also
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Alpha also works if you use RGBA Ipos for the object.

Snailrose is working on Blender Materials in the game engine, as well as fixing the armatures.

See this work in progress, it will be integrated into the next Blender release:

Setting the faces to add instead of alpha also gives a nice effect for glass.

Yeah, but be careful because when you see through many Add faces at once, you get white.