Transparent background in a movie on Linux

Hi all,
I need to make animations getting transparent backgrounds (ok, I could use chromakey, but I was asked for a completely transparent background; and I know how to save separate images as RGBA png or tga files, but I need a movie file). I see that on Windows I can save as Quicktime/Animation movie, but I haven’t the same codec choice available on my Linux (Debian testing) system.
How can I do?

Please, help me! :confused:


I have no idea about running anything with linux. But i found this on Google:

Hope it can help you somehow…
Good luck.

It’s a very old project… Anyway I have quicktime libraries installed, what I need to know is how to (if it’s possibile to) make the codec available for blender to use it as export codec.

I see.
But I think I don’t need quicktime player…

Thank you very much anyway!

I don’t have access to my Linux box right now so I can’t test it, but HuffYUV (at least on Windows) supports alpha. If this doesn’t work directly from Blender, you could import your RGBA image sequence e.g. into Avidemux and try to export from there.
Just an idea, but I hope it helps!

Thank you very much!
I will try on my linux machine. I believe at least one of these can work for me!

my solution was to use windows quicktime PNG. It gave me a perfect video. Considering how widespread windows is, it would probably save you a lot of time to just use windows.

Time si priceless against freedom. :yes: