Transparent background

Is there anyway to put a transparent background on a render? I’ve done a search and didn’t find what I was looking for .

you can always use a plane with ray or z-transparency checked and put the background on as an image texture.

hit the “premul” button in the render options I believe.

Using ray transp in this case would be REALLY stupid. If you don’t need refraction, you should always use ztransp.


If you are talking about an alpha channel you must use render top a targa and check the RGBA button. Also, delete the default world setting. Note that there is no video codec which supports an alpha channel. If you are doing an annimation you must render to a targa sequence. However, you can render any format with a “green screen” or blue screen" background which you can key out if your video software supports keying. Simply make the world green or blue.

Is there any free software that would remove the green??

There’s a sequence editor plugin that does chromakeying, but if you’re going to use the sequence editor you may as well use RGBA and Premul anyway, with an AlphaOver. The plugin is more for keying real videos/photos.

I tried pressing the premul button but all I got is a black screen