Transparent black?

Okay, so far with my transparency experiments I’ve noticed that black is 100% transparent and white is 100% opaque. This was setting faces with Tex, Light, and Add. Now I want to create some fake character shadows using Shadow faces and transparency (since no shadow is ever 100% black). So how can I set the colour to black with transparency or otherwise make the shadow darken what it’s on?

your statements only apply to Add blending, to make a translucent black texture [say a shadow] you need to use alpha blending

create a transparent image [in photoshop], save as .png or .tga, load into blender, apply to a face, and hit alpha [instead of add]

Okay, I get your drift. Too bad I don’t have Photoshop. I’ll probably find a workaround.

Try these free paint software:

The Gimp