transparent but not around the edges

Dear All,
I wish to ask a material setup that makes my object transparent, but not quite around the edges (wish smooth transition of course). I tried Fresnel but it didn’t do the job that well. The object could turn glass-ish a bit (mix shader with a glass?).
Thanks in advance.

could make a mix of glass and some emission node in cycles!

happy cl

Use facing (or fresnal) into a colorramp, and use that as a mix factor for transparent.

Did just that, and it turned out decent in the real time preview. However, when I initiate a render image, nothing appears, or the edge slightly at most. The little camera icon next to my objects is turned on so it should appear in render and I’m using cycles.
What do I do wrong?

Upload the blend as if it were an image, or use pasteall or dropbox.

Could be several things, missing lights, render layers, an object blocking it…

Thank you all but I figured as a simple scene mine is, I rather did the magic in Photoshop.