Transparent eye-lense lens problem [shape, not material]

Hello everyone,

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the animation support, but I think this is most appropriate.
I’ve modeled and rigged a character and I’ve given her the ‘standard’ Pixar eyes. They consist of a UV Sphere with the iris part dented it and a transparent lens on top for specularity. (See attachment for a breakdown of it.)
However, the problem I’m facing now is that when the character rolls her eyes you can see part of what is behind the eye socket, as the shape isn’t perfectly spherical.
I’ve uploaded a quick eyeroll to demonstrate the problem. Does anyone know of a good solution to this problem?

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Eyeroll clip:


Anyone? =/ I’ve included a screenshot of the problem to clarify my problem. Whoever can help me gets a cookie! =)


don’t really see anyting wrong here !

make it better may be !

hope the cookie is super big


Thanks for your reply Ricky. =) The problem is that you can see part of what is ‘behind’ the transparent part of the eye - the inside of the socket basically. Maybe I’m just nitpicking but it really bothers me.

in the provided iamge i don’t see this

can you show a bigger picture or closer shot so we can see what you mean here!

now if you eyeball is not spherical then it’s possible tht you can see the inside of the eye

that’s more a matter of geometry that you can change to adjust it so that you don’t se see the inside !

hope it helps


The eye itself is round, but the lens is transparent, causing the problem. I’ve included 4 more screenshots; one of the viewport, 2 general renders and one render with the socket colored red to help emphasize the problem area.
Sorry if I’m not being clear. =)

EDIT: I also took off the lens of the eye to make the problem slightly more appearant.


the red area seems to be the skin around the eye
but that’s not inside the eye and seems normal to see it
if you don’t like it just change the location of theses vertices may be

so sorry but don’t see what the problem is here !

happy 2.5

I know, that why I said you could see the socket :wink: I’ve already tried moving the verts; I just don’t like how you can see so much of the socket - it looks weird to me. Thanks for your time though!

or may be just push the eyeball out a little and push back the skin backward
so the eyeball appear a little more outward

hope it helps


had thi same problem a while ago. Here is how i fixed it. Go to the material buttons and in the transperency tab switch the transperency mode from whatever it is now to the other one. I think it is raytrace that works but i’m not sure but it is the one that you don’t have selected.

also your eye here is not like a real eye on human being

it’s relatively very flat here on a human it;s more outward a bit and you have the eyelid over at the top so it would not look like this !

keep up the good work