transparent faces messing up my depth pass (for mist)

as seen in the picture above …

im trying to render a flat character in some misty hills … however … seeing as the character is a texture on a plane … the plane messes up my depth filter … thus making a square of clarity in my mist …
(compositor is showing the depth)

is there a way around this?

(blender 2.63 … linux mint 14 kde … i dont think im using cycles, the cycles box is checked in the preferences though … )

Render the character on a separate render layer. Treat each layer separately then combine the character render on top of the background render in the compositor

The Z/deep pass doesn’t support transparent meshes, you have to activate the mist render pass to get a mist pass slot:

Mist supports transparent meshes

ok … I started working on render layers when i ran into another problem … even though the character renders with a invisible background … the output used by the compositor retains the opaque square.

(monkey head is there to show that my image really does have an alpha channel)

fixed it …

all you need to to is use z-transparency instead of ray-trace transparency

i guess some admin can put a [solved] in front of the title now